Are the media MICE dinosaurs?

By Nina Gardiner on 12/10/2016

Isn’t it time to realise that the world will end if this industry does not support the media that works for them!

As a PR agency we have been involved in promoting products and services for the MICE sector over the past 15 years or so, and I for one have watched how the media has gone from simply publishing once a month or quarterly to also having to support the work committed to producing online editions.  News overload and probably work overload too – I admire their energy and devotion!

So why then is this industry so stifled that it can’t see that we have to help invest and support media in their efforts to keep up a global, regional, local newsfeed so that we can all do our jobs even better! 

Knowledge is a powerful thing – without the press as a voice, an opinion, a way to share what this industry has, good and bad, then we really are going to head into a very bad place…indeed a place where a revolution might just happen and the costs of reaching a target audience will become so expensive we may have to resort to all wearing Sandwich boards and walk the streets to stay in the mind of our clients! In fact if publishing becomes extinct, believe me it will require three times the budget to market our way out of extinction. 

So what would that investment look like – it’s called advertising and it’s sort of disappeared in its true sense because everyone is talking “banner ads” and social media.  Of course this is important, but indulging in reading something at length, feeling it inspire you to want to plan a meeting at that venue, to take your clients to that location, or to attend that trade show, is cerebral and I am sure pushes you into action – I certainly know that Vogue gets me to the shops because of the pictures!

Rant over…but I will continue to advise my clients that taking from the media will end unless they start to give back!

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Lindy Andrews (On 23 Nov 2016)

I couldn't agree more! As a tourism & MICE PR agency we are constantly reminding our clients of the need to advertise with key media - both digital and the growing print (yes, print readership is up, particuarly for this industry) not only for PR value but also for the obvious advertising brand and product awareness value. It's not easy and from where I sit, not forgotten - it is a constant reminder to our clients and prospective clients - it would be great to see more media about the importance of media :) particularly trade media because by its very nature, its keeps us all informed and connected!



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