ASAE’s ideas take flight and slide into Asia

By Jennifer Salsbury on 10/06/2016

Growing from their start in March 2015 and partnering with sponsor Meetings & Exhibitions Hong Kong (MEHK), ASAE's specialist event for the region, ASAE's 2016 Great Ideas in Association Management Conference, Asia Pacific, ran from April 10-12, 2016 at the Kowloon Shangri-La, Hong Kong hotel. ASAE provides research-based resources, knowledge and professional development to the association community.

“This conference is an opportunity to gain resources to better manage their associations, build fellowship with their colleagues and to expand career possibilities,” announced John H. Graham, ASAE President and CEO in his invitation encouraging regional association executives to attend. 

The programme kicked off with a day of training covering essential practices for new executives, after which the programme led the approximately 200-strong senior group through two days of sessions sharing thoughts on current issues in the region – regulatory challenges, growing pains in going global, recruitment and online engagement being just some areas analysed and reviewed. 

With active members from industries in all walks of life, ASAE's key value is to help associations and association professionals transform society through the power of collaboration. China's presence was strong with speakers from IEEE Beijing, Kellen, as well as Maria Tong of MCI Beijing who manages ASAE in the country. 

Steven Basart, Director China, Kellen summed up this value in his comment on one particular aspect proving to be a common problem: “Regulatory challenges continue to be of high importance for associations and professional societies across the region. For international association executives, it is valuable to exchange experiences and share best practices as to how to keep an ear on the ground and how to set up successful dialogues with the government on behalf of their organisation. This value was also exemplified by our regulatory session at the ASAE Great Ideas conference.”

“Coming together to share ideas in this way creates a vibrant community that makes the world smarter, safer and better every day,” states ASAE.

Running prior to the forum, the Asia Pacific Federation of Association Organizations (APFAO) held its first General Assembly with around 20 people representing the four founding members (Associations Forum and AuSAE from Australia as well as national associations from South Korea and the Philippines) together with those from Japan, Malaysia and Singapore, which are in varying stages of reviewing the establishing of national associations in their areas. Moving forward, the GIF event is to rotate around the region with several contenders currently bidding to host the 2017 event in their respective countries.

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