Benefiting the business events industry through fairer proposal practices

By Daniel Chua on 16/08/2017

Crafting a customised business event proposal takes effort, time and expertise, oftentimes with inputs coordinated across various cities.

However, such work is vastly undervalued currently by clients as agencies are still wont to give clients as many proposals as often (and quickly) as clients want them at no cost whatsoever, regardless of the number of changes to the brief.

Making it this free and easy for clients without any cost leads to multiple fundamental problems, with key ones including:

  1. More agencies will be asked to pitch as there is no cost to this, leading to much duplication of effort down the line.
  2. Clients are not encouraged to qualify their briefs internally as stringently given that there is no cost to not doing so.
  3. Doing such work especially with the relatively low chance of winning (akin to buying a lottery ticket) is highly discouraging to otherwise good employees who might end up leaving good companies. Also, the quality of work suffers and such resource wastage is also unsustainable in the long run for firms that would need to downsize or even shut down.

At the very least, clients should be made to pay for additional proposals beyond a set number agreed in advance. This would lead to greater efficiencies and less resource wastage across the industry, whilst encouraging clients to be more precise and careful about their briefs.

However, the highly fragmented state of the business events industry is a weakness that leads to clients continuing to exploit individual agencies; it is too easy for clients to simply move on to the next agency willing to accept their demands.

The need for strong industry champions such as SACEOS, PCMA, MPI, SITE and similar bodies to unite agencies and promote best practices is thus vital for the business events industry to thrive.

For an industry driven by so much passion, it is all the more important to take collective steps for a greater reason, and the positive development of our industry.


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