How you talk to your audience matters

By El Kwang on 27/06/2017


Whether a brand’s content is of quality, it often is in the eye of the beholder. If the actual experience cannot match the marketing messages, not only will the customer consider venting on social media, that one bad experience may also encourage future brand scepticism.

In fact, customers are drawn to content that has their experience at heart instead of serving the interests of the business selling the product. Travellers are hungry for content that will tell them what is happening around the location that they are visiting, such as those produced by Time Out magazines. Those who are drawn to authentic #golocal experiences are demanding for the same authenticity in hotel services and their content.

Website focused on social

The House Collective of Swire Hotels is renowned for their purposeful, well-thought-out bespoke design that tells a story of their purpose. Since opening the first “house” in Beijing, this company, which owns and manages all their hotels, was successful in acquiring loyal fans. The fourth “house” which is designed by Lissoni, is slated to open at the end of 2017 in Puxi Shanghai. The company was also successful in bringing their other brand EAST, outside of Asia and into Miami. According to Michelle Lau, Head of Communications for Swire Hotels, they “let the service speak for themselves” and are focused on being authentic and delivering the understated service experience they are known for despite fierce and diverse competition.

The company recently launched to deliver more meaningful content ranging from happenings around their hotel locations like art exhibitions to culture and trends. Although each of their hotels have their own website focused on product information and reservation call-to-action, this website allows the brand to express what they are all about and the topics that they are passionate about.

Engaging conversations

Local Measure is a geo-fencing software that enables businesses like hotels to speak directly to their customers. For example, if a customer “checks in” or posts “publicly” about a hotel on a social media channel like Facebook, this hotel will be able to see the post and make contact with the customers. This allows that hotel to put in place service recovering measures if needed, preventing the customer from any further bad service experiences.

A case study published on their website indicated that over a six-month period of partnering with Local Measure, AccorHotels’ reach in responding to guests nearly doubled to 36 percent. It also enabled the hotels to respond to guests on social media four times faster. The case study also indicated that through their increased customer engagement strategy using Local Measure, AccorHotels reaches over 11 million people via social media per month, of which 27 percent of those who post on social media are return guests.

Honesty is the best policy

Pullman Bangkok King Power was the first to undergo a complete revamp that is in line with the brand’s global concept “Our World Is Your Playground”. Besides introducing a brand new open-plan lobby called The Junction, the hotel added a brand new 500-pax Eternity ballroom with cutting-edge technology, an open kitchen and dedicated car entrance perfect for product launches.

According to General Manager Marc Begassat, the hotel has been transparent with their customers and stakeholders throughout the renovation. The sales team communicated with their clients throughout the process, while the marketing team ensured that a notice of renovation was visible on the hotel’s website. The hotel received praise and support from customers for their transparent communication.

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