Singapore-based hospitality solutions agency tackles niche brands

By BEA Reporter on 31/10/2017

Hospitality brands can now outsource their Revenue, Distribution, Sales and Marketing functions to independent company Frozen Lime Asia, formed by experienced practitioners from the travel and hospitality industries.

Recognising the dearth in hospitality companies that are unable to hire a large internal team or are facing a talent crunch in finding a suitable candidate to handle the ever-changing demands of the industry, Frozen Lime Asia was created to evaluate market demand and optimise revenues, build awareness, generate demand with marketing campaigns and communications and drive sales, ensuring a right mix to achieve business goals for brands.

“In a dynamic and ever-changing landscape that is the travel industry now, our experienced industry and functional leads stay on top of trends across all channels, and bring this market knowledge and expertise to our clients. Having worked in large and mid-size brands ourselves over the years, we also bring best practices and process covering hotels, resorts, golf and Food & Beverage. Our team is also armed with much experience handling pre-opening and launches,” said Jagdish Sandhu, CEO and Co-Founder of Frozen Lime Asia.

Serene Law, VP and Co-Founder, added, “The market and the forces which impact it have changed dramatically over the years. Channels are spread across multiple platforms offline and digitally in the new shared economy. At Frozen Lime Asia we believe that a strong, cohesive strategy between Revenue, Distribution, Sales and Marketing leads to increased revenues and success for our clients. This is the synergy we bring, and the approach we take, to add value to our clients.”

Frozen Lime Asia’s Marketing and Communications expertise is helmed by Aileene Thangaveloo, Director, Marketing, an experienced professional with overseas international markets experience.

Her role covers the critical part of the cycle that builds branding, creates and generates demand over wider audiences on digital platforms and offline, as well as ensuring all manner of communications via media relations, social media and collaterals are in place for Sales and Distribution to be even more effective.

The agency represents a diverse and growing portfolio of brands across Asia, from corporate mavericks and group retreats to residential meeting and events. Some of the companies in Frozen Lime’s portfolio include The Damai in Bali, Indonesia, The Pavilions in Nepal, Phuket and Bali, and Sedona Hotel Yangon in Myanmar.

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