Three best practices for planning team building activities in Singapore

By Elton Lee on 19/10/2016

To plan for a successful unique event, besides ensuring that the client’s objectives were all met, the participants must also have fun through the bonding activities.

Armed with experiences in unique bonding activities such as live action role-playing games for organisations like DBS Bank and TOTAL Oil, here are three best practices that event planners can adopt.

  1. Be Structured

It is common to receive vague details from clients like, “I want a fun and unique bonding event in Singapore for this number of people”, and “please send the proposal by tomorrow if possible”.

This is when being structured leads to success. Prepare an Excel file to list down all team building activities in Singapore with information like:

  • Minimum and maximum pax
  • Price per pax
  • Concept
  • Indoors or Outdoors
  • Contact details

Filter your client’s needs in your Excel sheet, and choose the three most suitable proposals to send out.

To make this work, you will need to have a big pool of contacts, and build strong relationships with a few anchor companies. Update your Excel once every three months by checking for any new activities or companies.

  1. Check the weather

Part of a unique event is it being fun, and nothing dampens fun like being drenched in sweat or rain. Here are two seasons to note in Singapore:

  1. Rainy season: typically between November to January.
  2. Super-hot season: typically between April to July.

If your clients are coming here during the above-mentioned periods, advise them on the impacts of outdoor activities. Also, find a company that is flexible in turning an outdoor event into an indoor one in case of haze. NOT all indoor events are sedentary and dull. Some examples which require all limbs and five senses of the participants are playing LIVE Action RPG game, creating perfumes, running a real hawker stall, or more.

  1. Partnerships and innovation are the keys to success

Get a head start by identifying current team building trends, and then partnering with companies who designed creative and unique team building events to create new activities centred on the trend.

When you have anticipated the needs of your clients, for example unique and engaging CSR bonding activities, you save time on finding new resources (because you have already created one with your partnered company) and you can use the saved time to fulfill other objectives of your client.

Elton Lee is the CEO of Village Singapura, team building through a hands-on experience of Old Singapore.

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