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By Kim Courvoisier on 10/10/2017

So you want to host a successful event. But first, how your subscribers are being invited matters.

E-mail marketing is crucial for keeping clients and customers up-to-date on what is happening with events. In a recent survey, 52.7 percent said they check their e-mail more than 10 times per day. What’s more, over 55 percent said e-mail was their preferred way to get information. So not only is e-mail a simple way to stay in touch with customers and clients, it is also the preferred source.

Apart from Campaign Monitor’s Six Elements of an Effective Event Invitation E-mail Campaign infographic to make that a bit easier, here are some tips and examples to inspire and ensure your e-mail marketing is working as well as it can.

Three ways to use e-mail marketing for events

There are three important ways e-mail marketing can work for events.

1. Pre-event

Prior to the event, you’ll want to send out invitation e-mails to make sure subscribers know what’s coming up and allow them to save the date. Sending an early-bird discount ahead of your event is a great way for driving registrations. Of course, the discount will need an end date and this can also create a sense of urgency to sign up. This early bird strategy is extremely effective – 64 percent of event planners say it is their most successful promotional method.

2. During the event

When your event is in full swing, continue reaching out to attendees. Sending e-mails mid-way through your event with information on what are still to come can help those attending plan the rest of their time. This can keep up the excitement of the event and provide even more value to attendees while also engaging those who did not attend and plant the seeds of desire to attend the next time.

3. Post-event

After your event, there are still heaps of opportunities to engage those who attended (and those who did not). Send a thank you e-mail to let them know their attendance was appreciated. This is also a good time to send a survey to get feedback on what was great (or not so great) about your event. Helping make your next event even better will encourage people to attend again. Plus, you’ll gain valuable insight into what your attendees want from your events. And asking for feedback from those who didn’t attend could get you even more helpful information.

You always want to make sure your e-mails have an interesting subject line and eye-catching images. Using good e-mail marketing best practices is important, but also make sure you have all the necessary information. Double-check that you have the correct date and location for your event before hitting send. An easy way to make sure everything is perfect is to use a checklist.

Three ways to have awesome event e-mails

1. Be on brand

You want your event invitation to reflect what your business is all about. Be sure the images that you use show this. Not only do you want to use your logo and brand colours, but also use images that are compelling to your readers. Rooftop Cinema conjures this perfectly with the starry sky and movie image constellations.

2. Have a clear call to action

The ultimate goal of your invitation is to get your readers to sign up or RSVP.  The best way to do this is to make sure you use a clear call to action. A call to action is what you want your readers to do when they read your e-mail, and usually, there’s a button to make it super easy for them.

For example, SXSW Interactive has made it simple to sign up – there’s a big yellow register button at the top of the e-mail and at the bottom. Plus they have eye-catching images and compelling copy to boot.

3. Segment your audience

To get the right people to attend your event, you’ll need to send e-mails to the right list. Using list segments can make it easier for you to do this, plus you’ll likely see better engagement with this type of list too. E-mail click-throughs are 100.95 percent higher in segmented e-mail campaigns.

In this example, SoHo House had an event in Miami and wanted to only invite people within driving distance. They were able to use simple tools to create exactly the invite list they needed.

Wrap up

Any time you’re sending an e-mail, think about what your reader will see and how they will react Good graphics, correct event details, and the right e-mail list will get you far in getting people to attend your event. Throw in a little creativity and you’ll have a great event with lots of people. And don’t forget, to help get people to read and convert use the tips found in this infographic.

Kim Courvoisier is the director of content marketing and social media at Campaign Monitor. She loves all things marketing and good puns. Follow her on Twitter at @Stiggy1.

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